I am a creative technologist who develops custom made software and hardware to create performative electronic installations.


Lead Creative Technologist and Engineer, Hardware Programming, Hardware Development,
Circuit Board Design and Assembly, Installation



Paradise City Art Space, South Korea.



Work by Random International

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Stainless Steel Mirrors, Aluminium, High-Density Fibre Board, Motors, Camera, Computer

Almost two hundred identical, small mirrors are arranged in a grid to form a flat, homogenous surface. Hung against the wall, the mirrors are closely spaced and apparently static; but they possess the ability to move in harmony with one another. Approaching the artwork, the individual mirrors turn together to face the onlooker, following as he or she moves. The plane of the surface distorts into varying, three-dimensional forms — perhaps a wave, or a curve, or a circle. The reflection becomes fragmented and the apparently inanimate object becomes akin to something organic and alive. A divided whole, it disperses a divided reflection. Engaging with the piece creates a physical, interrelated dialogue between human and non-human behaviour

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