I am a creative technologist who develops custom made software and hardware to create performative electronic installations.


Creative Coding, iOS Development
Camera Tracking, Hardware Assembly



Hexagram Production Studio, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada 2015.

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Light Experiments

This week-long residency in the Hexagram production studio was dedicated to building several experiments on expressive interaction with lights and non-representational video projection on distributed, non-planar and non-uniform surfaces. The experiments were based on a spatial installation of translucent light tubes that were alternating between incandescent light and video projection mapping to render interaction, presence, and movement in space. The lights were mapped to position tracking, gesture rotation and acceleration, and sound amplitude visualization through light variation. The resulting sets were prototypes for larger distributed installation systems that promote play and curios exploration in the space.

The goal of this work in progress is to build modular lighting instruments that could be remotely activated, modulated, and controlled over a wireless network. This is a collaboration project with Omar Al Faleh, an interactive media developer and architect, whose work investigates embodiment and presence.

The system combines location tracking, motion analysis, and the timbral qualities of live vocalisations  The generated data activates the space through modulating lights that are embedded and distributed in the space, which allows the system to work on the physical and aesthetic properties of objects, and to be portable and able to work outside of controlled environments and traditional performance spaces, which turns everyday spaces into activated performative environments.

The lighting instruments are modular sets of electronics and LED lights that are controlled by wireless micro-controllers. They will be embedded in neutral objects like translucent tubes and other geometrical or elastic shapes, which can be deployed and embedded in any space within its existing furniture and elements, and allows for a flexible additions or removal from the system without affecting thea performance of the other modules.

Collaborators: Omar Alfaleh

Special Thanks to Marcello Licitra

Funded by Hexagram-CIAM