I am a creative technologist who develops custom made software and hardware to create performative electronic installations.


Software Design, Creative Coding
Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing

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The Idea of North v2

Interactive website featuring conversations about North and South

Inspired by Glenn Gould’s seminal, 1967 CBC radio documentary: “The Idea of North”, this collaborative project seeks to create a relevant, contemporary and intercultural re-examination of Gould’s theme. The project travel’s to Northern communities to continue a conversation about North and South. Ultimately, it seeks to approach these investigations as a listener: to hear, record and reflect about what Canadians have to say about the meaning of North in our national identity and experience, and in addition, to examine the meaning of ‘South’ from the perspective of Northerners.

We utilize speech recognition and natural language processing, to analyze the interviews of the participants in order to create a unique experience for every visitor in the website. By analyzing the context, we are able to create a fully immersive audio visual environment that allows you to navigate through the different sites of North in the website.


Credits: Elysha Poirier, Vincent Kammerer
Photo Credits: Elysha Poirier