I am a creative technologist who develops custom made software and hardware to create performative electronic installations.


Hardware Programming, Hardware Development,
Creative Coding, Circuit Board Design and Assembly, Installation



University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, 2017.


Work by Rafael Lozano Hemmer

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Wavefunction is a kinetic sculpture comprised of fifty to one hundred Charles and Ray Eames moulded chairs (designed in 1948) and placed in a regular array of rows, facing the entrance to the exhibition space. When someone approaches the work, a computerised surveillance system detects their presence and the closest chairs automatically begin to lift off the ground, creating the crest of a wave that then spreads over the whole room. A system of electromechanical pistons raises each chair from the ground. Each piston has a teensy micro-controller that runs the mathematics of fluid dynamics, thus making the waves interfere with each other, creating turbulence or becoming calm, just like real water.

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